18 March 2011

5 On Friday - Strike Up The Band

In line with my latest theme of music, music, music every day of the year, this day is truly special. On this day in history exactly 100 years ago today, Irving Berlin copyrighted "Alexander's Rag Time Band". According to Today in History, this single song was the multimillion-selling smash hit that helped turn American popular music into a major international phenomenon. Take the time to read the whole write up, because it is truly interesting.

So we start the set with The Andrews Sisters doing their WW II version still popular 30 years after this first copyright

Now you can't talk about Ragtime anything without a little Scott Joplin, here with the 1901 Peacherine Rag.

Then the absolute masterpiece that is the Broadway Show: Ragtime. Here with two great numbers, the opening montage that sets up all the various groups that will be bringing on the changes of the new century.

And, with all the union news lately, here is the very dramatic song from Ragtime about Emma Goldman and the Union movement that fought back against the robber barons.

So we started with Alexander then on to Ragtime and now we end with The Band: Take A Load Off Annie

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Julia Phillips Smith said...

Awesome set, Jamie - I did that ragtime post last August, so you know I'm a fan of this music form. Quite impressive how the writers of the modern musical got the feel of ragtime. Not always easy when the times have changed.

And I loved The Band, as well!

Coco said...

Awesome set, Jamie. I had based my lesson plan for this morning on the historic significance of Alexander's Ragtime Band, so it was a bit surreal to find it on your blog. I love when things like that happen!

Durward Discussion said...

There are times when I think there are no coincidences and somebody somewhere has a very odd sense of humor. :-)

j said...

I just love that last song!! I'm sneaking computer time at work (like a bloomin' kid. But I'm working with my husband so... it's not stealing time) and I can't watch the videos. I'll have to come back later.

Have a wonderful weekend Jamie!

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

Very cool set today Jamie. I dedicated my set to Travis

Linda said...

"Ragtime" is one that I've always wanted to see on Broadway or heck, I'd even take a good off-Broadway production!

Scott Joplin was truly a maestro with a piano keyboard, wasn't he?

Polly said...

I remember listening to my mom play The Entertainer on the piano, while we danced around like crazy kids (which was probably our version of the jerky silent films).
As the article says, the ragtime songs have that catchy beat that takes hold and creates memories.

Travis Cody said...

This is an awesome Set, and a terrific progression as well.