03 March 2011

5 On Friday - Let The Rivers Run

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There is going to be a busy three days, so this will go up early for the weekend.

This week was my birthday.  As such I am a Piscean which means I never want to be far from free running water:  Oceans, Waterfalls, little streams, gutters in the rain and even showers and bathtubs, I love the sound of running water.  This week you get my favorite form of water ... free flowing rivers.

First up the second song I ever thought of as "my favorite".  The first was "Far Away Places" and the second Shenandoah about the wide Missouri.  Somewhere between five and seven I got the idea of leaving home, and a river was the best way to get from here to there.

Shenandoah - The Robert Shaw Chorale

First heard the next song in the movie "Working Girl", then this video came out with its views of the Hudson and New York City.  New York equates to theater.  This immediately became a river that must be seen in person.

Let The River Run - Carly Simon

While living in DC, one of the Broadway musicals I was fortunate enough to see during its tryouts was "Big River" written by Roger Miller.  It isn't one of my favorites, but it has two wonderful river songs:  Muddy Water and the lovely River In The Rain.  I've seen the Mississippi and somewhere there is River Boat suite waiting.

River In The Rain - Roger Miller (Written for broadway show:  Big River)

The next is a sad song about a truly fun river.  The Kern flows down from the Sierra with white water rafting at the top and lazy fun summer floating through the San Joaquin below.  It is one I have floated many times or swung into from a tire on the edge of my uncles raisin ranch.  On one float I slipped over the side of a raft and swam in the Kern and got a surprise.  At the height of summer the air may be over a hundred, but the deeper sections of the Kern are still cold with the snow melt and the current can be very swift.  Don't get in unless you are a strong swimmer.  It took me a half hour to swim back against the current to catch my raft. .... didn't do that again.

Kern River - Merle Haggard

You know there must be a bit of history.  Disney inaccurate version of course, but who cares when there is a good song:  Pocahontas with just why rivers are so very very special to gypsy like creatures born under water signs who truly love all the rivers running.

Just Around The River Bend - From Pocahontas Sung by Judy Kuhn


oldseahag said...

love the water themem, great tunes.

Julia Phillips Smith said...

I SOOOO enjoyed that, Jamie!

j said...

I hope that you had a Happy Birthday. The random facts and inclusion of Merle Haggard made for an enjoyable post!

Have a great weekend Jamie.

Travis Cody said...

Those are some terrific songs. And I love Carly Simon, so thanks for that.

Happy Birthday!!

Billie Greenwood said...

This is a great post idea! Right off the bat, I would probably list "River" by Joni Mitchell and "The River is Wide" (Traditional). Maybe "Moon River"--an old sentimental favorite. Agree with Carly Simon choice! That's a great one I probably would have forgotten to add.

Linda said...

It took me awhile but I got here for your water set and I'm glad I did - great choices all the way around!

nath said...

You can add proud mary