13 July 2012

5 On Friday - Tell Me A Love Story

This wonderful meme was invented by our friend Travis of Trav's Thoughts. To join in, go to his page, sign in and share your five choices of music for the week.

My Favorite songs are often ones that could be the great novels or scripts for whole movies - The story songs.  Now this is a tradition in folk music and old ballads, but there are modern incarnations and here are some of my favorite "stories in song".

I'll kick it off with a May December Romance in Crimes of the Heart written and sung by Amanda McBroom

Then a couple with nothing in common but their dreams - John Buchino's "Sweet Dreams" sung by Barbara Cook

Next up a pair of "Star Crossed Lovers" only this time on meaner streets than Shakespeare's Verona. Mark Knopfler with Romeo and Juliet (Had a hard time picking just one Knopfler song as he is a modern master of the art - Check out "Done With Bonaparte"

Shotguns at the ready Bonnie Raitt takes you on a wild ride to chase down a runaway

Now a slice of real life. Leonard Cohen's song Chelsea Hotel #2 that is supposed to be about his encounter with Janis Joplin written after her suicide. Here sung by Rufus Wainwright (Warning for the sensitive about such things, it kicks off with a graphic sexual description but if you love Cohen, you are used to that.  )


Julia Phillips Smith said...

My husband repeated the opening lines of the Leonard Cohen/Rufus Wainwright song: "blah blah blah on the bed?!?"

I replied, "Leonard Cohen." And laughed.

That one and the Mark Knopfler one were my favorites this week.

Durward Discussion said...

Who needs 50 Shades of Grey when you can read Cohen's poetry :-)

Travis Cody said...

Nice Set of stories there.