06 July 2012

5 On Friday - Theme Songs

This wonderful meme was invented by our friend Travis of Trav's Thoughts. To join in, go to his page, sign in and share your five choices of music for the week.

This was the very first song I remember hearing on the radio while I was reading and thinking of it as "my song". The singer was Bing Crosby.  It became a best seller in 1948.  While writing this I realized that I was four years old and already had a strong identity of a "me" who loved to travel.

While records had been bought for me, this was the very first record I ever went to a store and bought for myself.  It was 1956.

For eight years of my life when I entered a room where a wonderful man was playing for the public, this was the way he said hello with "my song".  Are we starting to detect a theme?

This is the movie from 1978 that always reminds me of a "making what bread we need at a piano bar in the Valley".  The first time I heard that line in the  "60's" portion of the movie script, I almost choked to death laughing.

This is simply the song that says how I feel that friendship is at the heart of any true love.   The movie was "The Jazz Singer" in 1980.

That takes us through the first 36 years, though I left out 1961 - 1971, but that is another story.  So what are the "Theme Songs of Your Life"?


Cherie said...

I love the idea of theme songs. One of my most important theme songs is "The Way" by Fastball. I think that it would really fit in well thematically with several of yours. It was great for pumping me up for starting one of my new adventures moving across the country (regardless of where I was going that particular time).

Cherie's 5 of Friday

Julia Phillips Smith said...

Great Jamie set! I'll have to put my thinking cap on and come up with a similar theme-of-my-life set. Or sets!

Loved the traveler aspect of most of these.

Travis Cody said...

Hmmm...theme songs for a life. I like the idea, but I'd really have to think it through to come up with something for myself.