13 September 2006

Above The Fray

For as long as I can remember, I have been looking up. There is a picture of me before the age of two pointing up at a plane. The family used to drive out to the fence beside the old Los Angeles International (yes there was an older version) just to watch the big triple tail continentals come in from somewhere wonderful.

In youth it was jet planes. My father was stationed at Williams Air force base which made me one of the first small persons to see the inside of a fighter jet. Most distinct memory: The Saudis who came in for flight training. They were wonderful and had this great habit of buying me anything that struck my fancy at the PX. In High School it was the Mercury astronauts. In early adult hood it was the Apollo crews, the moon landing, and now the miracle of the shuttle, the hubble, and space walks.

So take a break from all the sturm and drang of the political world and go have an out of this world experience. NASA


MadMustard said...

Your posting brought a smile and a refreshing respite from politics for me.

I remember the first Mercury launch and watched all of its successors through Gemini to Apollo. I would write requests to NASA’s public relations office in Houston and they would honor my requests and send me information and photographs.

Their kindness to this kid made a fan for life.

Jamie said...

Much the same here. I was sitting in the school lunchroom for the "God Speed John Glenn". To this day even as a Republican Senator, it still makes me smile to see him for the memory.

For the next couple of days I'm staying off politics. Barring some major event tomorrow is nature and Friday will be dogs. Come back and smile.