12 September 2006

"Impeachable Offense"

That does it!!! I am in love with Keith Olbermann. It's my first crush in over 40 years, but I'm hauling out my goofy grin and autograph book. For years I have avoided saying the word "Impeach" because as much as I dislike this President, I am also a fan of the electoral process. KO delivered a KO last night by finally uttering the words impeachable offense.

There comes a time when you have to stand up and be counted. President Bush is destroying this country. That is just a wee bit more serious that getting serviced on the White House rug and then fibbing about it.

As a result of his actions the nation is divided, thousands have been murdered or maimed, the national treasure is depleted and there is a debt hanging over our heads that will be a burden to our children and grandchildren. The safety net is shredded, our ports and borders remain insecure, and world opinion condemns the nation they used to praise.

There is an election coming up. Now is the time to vote Democrat even if you have never done so before and may never do so again. This White House cannot be given even a single minute's more power. There has to be a Congress that will fight back and restrain Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld actions even if it does not take the ultimate step of throwing this man out of the office that he has so dishonored.


Anonymous said...

I'm with you on Olbermann....his passion....and his obvious disgust about the current administration is a great thing to see from a pundit.

But I don't know about people who never voted Democratic going that way now....
I've talked to quite a few Republicans who have said they can't stand bushie, but he's not running again and they're not sure they could stomach voting for a Democrat. They want change...but they think it will come from voting in different Republicans.

It's going to be a very interesting election this November.

Durward Discussion said...

I've just told all of my friends that if Republicans hold the House, there will be no changes.

I worry about the Southwest border houses where immigration is as big or bigger an issue than the handling of Iraq. We could end up with some very hard right Republicans simply because the Dem party can't seem to come to a point where they back border control before anything is done on legalization. This area of agreement with the President is going to cost them.

AlanBoss said...


I am 100% heterosexual, and today, I have a crush on Keith Olberman!

Last week, he quoted Edward R. Murrow. Last night, he took his place next to Murrow as a reporter willing to stand up to the powers that be and simply say what is right.

Durward Discussion said...

Oh goody, a man crush. We can giggle and go "awww" together. :-)

AlanBoss said...

Yes, but not in a Geraldo / Bill O'Reiley way. :-)