21 September 2006

The Horse For The Course

My parents first took me to the races when I was two years old. They asked me who to bet and I pointed to a horse. He came in at an incredible price and I fell in love with Horse racing. For sixty years, I have adored these magnificent animals, but it is rare when you have news of three of the very best all on one day.

At the top of today's article you have Lost In The Fog the way he should always be remembered. Sunday he finally lost a race: His battle with cancer. Do take the time to read about this champion. He will be buried at his home in Florida where he trained during his first year. Anyone who ever saw him run and all those who just love horses are a little sadder today.

Personal Ensign has been pensioned. She ran 13 races and won 13. Ten of those races were graded stakes. Her children have gone on to win graded stakes as well. Now her breeding days are over and she will spend the rest of her life being loved and cared for in praise of the champion she was. The Lady Is A Champ.

When everyone knows your name, you must be Barbaro. First the shattered leg with the world watching. Then the extensive surgery just to save your life only to have laminitis set in on the load bearing leg. It has been an uphill fight, but his owners wouldn't give up as long as their champion was able to go on fighting. It has been over 20 weeks with guarded improvement since the scares of the early weeks. For the first time this week we had the report that Barbaro had an excellent week. The cast has come off the laminitis leg, he grazes daily and while the battle isn't over, for now it seems to be taking a real turn for the better.


Anon-Paranoid said...

Woo Woo....

I will always remember Carry Back. She looked like she was going too be the first filly to win the Triple Crown. I made some good money betting on her in all three races.

I was laughed at when I picked her in a office pool also. Guess who had the last laugh.

Question for you. When I tried adding links, and I added all those from Craig's and a few others, after Blue's and CB's I had double lines between them. I ended up having to take them out so they appeared only single spaced.

I noticed yours and some of the others seem to appears on your source page as being even than start being staggard every other one, then being even again.

How did you add yours so some even and what causes some to be staggard as you look at the link listings on the Template?

I had left CB a post about that on Craig's, but I guess he missed it.

Any comments or suggestions to possibly help me would be appreciated.

Thanks and God Bless.

Jamie said...


I cheated. :-) at first I found a previous link that I liked, then pasted it below, then deleted the URL and pasted in the new one and do the same with the name.

Now I just type spaces to bring it even with the old ones and use the format for the next link.

You will notice, that I finally figured out how to put pictures mixed through the text. CBob is your best source. I just stumble around till I learn how to make things work.

Write me on my public email and I'll send you something. webthings@comcast.net

Anon-Paranoid said...


I guess I also cheated:)a little. I too did something similar, I put my cursor after the end of the last link shown and hit enter. Than I spaced over to where the link less than l1 greater than etc...etc... and enter the a href etc... etc... line goes. I than went too the site and copied and pasted the link in.

When I was done and saved the Template and replubished, I went back too check the links in it. The preview showed a single line space between them, but the refresh showed a double space line in the sidebar once I reposted and refreshed.

I couldn't get rid of the double line so I deleted all the links in the Template after CB's.

For some reason Blueindallas has the same color as the original Template Sidebar Links has, but CB's has the embedded blue color. Also theres a single line space between Blue's and CB's. I thought that maybe there was some trick I missed to get the single space line instead of ending up with the double space line when posting a clean refreshed page.

I'll try again later in the week and if I can't get it I'll email you.

Thanks and God Bless.

PS: I still think Carry Back was a Great Filly and would have loved too see her take the Triple Crown.