15 September 2006

Time Out Required

The President had a news conference today, though a more accurate description would be the President had the snit fit of a spoiled frat boy to whom no one has ever said NO.

With a two year old, you can put them in a chair and insist they remain there until they calm down. What do you do with a 60 year old man who thinks anyone who doesn't do exactly what he wants them to do when he wants them to do it is "confused". What do you do with a Presidential infant who thinks pointing his finger in someone's chest and repeating his demands are somehow convincing them of the rightness of his cause.

Somewhere in the West Wing there must be at least one responsible adult who will take him aside and say, "Sit here for the next two years, and we will fix everything, just stop breaking your toys."


MadMustard said...

It would be great if someone would step in and give Dubya a timeout. Sadly, it won’t happen. I think his staff and advisors are so deeply invested in all of the failures, they have no way out. They are at the point now that rolling the dice with the spoiled brat is the only choice.

ToledoNative said...

Every time I see that picture I think, 'little lord pissypants'.
Do you have a swear jar? Here's a quarter for it--->25c

AlanBoss said...

My knee jerk answer to the question of what to do with said 60 year old is "Impeach him!" But of course, there are three chilling words that cause me to avoid that notion. "President Dick Cheney."

You would think that there is "one responsible adult" in the West Wing. But the past six years have shown us that responsible adults don't last long inthis administration.

The best, heck, only way to punish little Georgie is to take his toys away from him. We can do that on Nov. 7th.