29 September 2006

Everybody Has One

Everybody has a flaw. It's not dangerous or self destructive, it just drives everyone else around you nuts. Usually it's a little thing where they give up and just let you do it.

You have to be the one to load the dishwasher because no one else does it "right".

You have to plan all the trips because no one else could get you there as fast or as well prepared.
You have to handle all decorating because no matter how well something was done, you wouldn't like the colors, the design the artwork ... something.

Now, I can't stand to leave a question unanswered. We are talking dead stop to all other activity here folks. Once my curiosity is aroused about anything from major political trends to the price of peas at the local supermarket, the answer must be found. People around me know that you don't get between me and an encyclopedia or computer when I hear something on TV or read something in a book that makes me go "Huh?". Me without google is not pretty. We're talking twitch and drool here. This totally irrational curiosity has been both the source of my income and the bain of my existence since learning to read almost 60 years ago.

So what is yours?

The Confessional will stay open all weekend.


vanillabirdies said...

I'm sure I have more than a few..

Anywhere I am cannot be too neat. If it is too neat, I will push something onto the floor and be able to breathe again lol

I always say "I'll do it!" or "I'll help!" before I even know what I'm doing or when it is. I regret it often. It doesn't have to do with being liked it just is like a strange reflex.

Thank god for google.

Jamie said...


You just had to be a "helper".

If you have been over on Crawfordslist today, you will see that "I'll help" is my other fearsome flaw. I know why, so wasting twenty years on a couch would just be a waste of money. :-)

Go to the quote on Duty about midway down. It will keep you out of all sorts of trouble.

Pogo said...

Just as no good deed goes unpunished, no good question should go unanswered- problem is figuring out which of the questions are good.LOL

My most obvious flaw - failure to appreciate the import of an issue until its import becomes uncomfortably obvious (translation - not giving a shit until I have to)

Dexter said...

I learned to "clean as you go" a long time ago. I won't eat the scrambled omellette until the pan is washed and dried. I won't leave the kitchen until the dishes are washed by hand or put into the dishwasher and started.
My chai cup is washed immediately after the tea is drunk.
This may seem obsessive or compulsive, but by nature I'm a slob and if I don't do it this way...I won't do it at all!
It also bugs me when The New Yorker has arrived in my mailbox and I have not had time to scan the index...there is always at least one great article in it, and I wanna see what it is, dammitt! And I don't want to wait !!!
I also used to HAVE to have a bourbon or maybe a single malt on ice before dinner , but I gave that up fourteen years ago. Now, if I don't get my tea between 4 and 5:00 P.M., I get irritable! Ahh...ya can't win!!! Where art thou, serentity??

Jamie said...

Oh this is too much fun. I think I'll leave the confessional open for the weekend.

Sheila said...

Oh My Goodness.....LOL

When my brain isn't so dead, I'll come up with an entire Novella. However, let me just confess this one off the top.

My Knives (((((Twitch))))).

The way people cut with knives is like chalk on a chalk board to me. You see, most Americans have never had to sharpen one and so they just don't know how to save the blade by chopping or slicing properly.

I can't even use my mother's. It's just to stressfull feeling the dullness.

So at work, when one of my staff are being SOOOOOO nice and helping me.....I'm having silent twitches.

Yes, yes, I've tried to show them, but they don't want to get it. You can lead them to water, but you can't make them drink.

LOL I've ordered Ginsu from Ronco and the 25 piece set should be here soon. LOLOLOL

AlanBoss said...

Only one flaw, Jamie? Gosh. I can think of two or three off the top of my head. With time I could come up with a few more. And my wife could add a few to the list.

I love organization. A place for everything, etc. I like to know that, if I reach for something, it will be where I expect it to be. I want life’s mundane activities to work like a well oiled machine...... The problem is, I am pathologically incapable of such organization. My office is filled with clutter, my desk piled with papers and junk. Don’t get me started about my garage or attic. I create systems that begin to break down the moment they are put into action.

This may be related, but flaw number 2 is I am a procrastinator. I’ll get around to it soon. Sooner or later, I will get it (whatever it is) done. But most likely, later. Especially telephone calls. I have a hatred for telephones that borders on phobic.

Here’s another that occurs to me because I just caught myself doing it. If I misspell a word and I know I’ve misspelled it, I cannot type further until I’ve spell checked it. It calls to me like a crooked picture frame (oh, yeah, that’s another one) until it’s fixed.

One more, that I have been working on with some success. I mention it because, Jamie, I know you will know what I’m talking about. If someone makes a statement on, say, a right wing blog, that is illogical, idiotic or patently untrue, I must, MUST argue the point even if I know that I will be banging my head into a brick wall. In the past few weeks, I’ve done a commendable job of not allowing myself to be baited, but talk about your “twitch[ing] and drool[ing]!

Jamie said...


You may need to speak to Dexter a few posts up, or your wife might be taking tips from Sheila on how to sharpen knives. :-)

I now force myself to only read the location in question. When the blood pressure goes too high I flee the scene.

carol g said...

Hi, Jamie... so many thanks for this one... LOL

OMG... I don't know where to begin... I need to feel in control, even when I am NOT (which is most of the time). This leads to the people who don't use turn signals when they drive. They sure are in control of the road they are on, but they are really causing me great anxiety (and admittedly a bit of anger) in my travels. How can they be so inconsiderate?? They really do want to cause an accident, don't they?? GRRRRRRRRRRRR This also goes on my Top 10 Pet Peeves List. Just FYI, another thing that drives me absolutely KNUTS is leaving items of clothing (mostly things that need to be in the laundry) every place they shouldn't be. I am far from being the most ambitious or neat person I know; HOWEVER... my first husband insisted that he take off and leave his socks in the middle of the livingroom (that, along with his not-so-clandestine affairs, led to D-I-V-O-R-C-E). The current love of my life believes all his shoes have a place under my feet after the takes them off his feet.

Well that's enough for now. And I always thought I was so easy to get along with.

Jamie said...

Hi Carol,

Come back often. I miss just chatting with you and this is a good place to do it. Also, drop in on the gang at crawfordslist when you get a chance.

Dexter said...

Oh...I also am addicted to THE SIMPSONS...and they're on in three minutes !! Gotta Fly, Bye bye!!!!