20 September 2006

Live Free Or Die

New Hampshire has all the usual items that any state says about itself:

State Mammal - White Tail Deer
State Bird - Purple Finch
State Flower - Lilacs
State Mineral - Beryl
State Amphibian - Spotted Newt
State Insect - Lady Bug
State Butterfly - Karner Blue

More importantly, it has a flag with 13 stars since it was one of the thirteen colonies first covered by the Declaration of Independence and one brave motto that has been honored by its citizens throughout all the years of the state's existence: LIVE FREE OR DIE

Those citizens know what to do when officialdom gets too darn officious, because now in a small way they have state heros:

Rebellious Renee said:

I had a very strange thing happen to me last night. I am on the board of trustees for my local library. We do get some funding from the town..but are essentially a private not for profit institution with an endowment.

The endowment is with a local investment firm that has spread it around in various funds.At last night's monthly trustee meeting, our treasurer informed us that the investment firm (A.G. Edwards) has been contacted by the Dept. of Homeland Security and told to collect information on the board. He passed out an information sheet that each of us was supposed to fill out. We all took one look at it and started to laugh.

I gave mine back to the treasurer and said, "let the feds come find me".....everyone followed my lead and gave the paper back.F*ck em! We don't have the motto "Live Free or Die" on our license plates for nothing....


Anon-Paranoid said...

The current government has an enemies list and they are always updating it. If you speak out in any way, shape or form they will gather all the info on you they can.

Who says this is not a Dictatorship? If you believe it isn't than your in for a rude surprise.

God Bless.

Pogo said...

good for you - screw 'em.