18 August 2009


Beaches In The Sun

Playas become beaches by virtue of a fence
traipse up the coast north to whence
state of mind doesn't quite cross into Oregon
Sands march town by town
Each with a character all its own.

Lighthouse at Cabrillo standing
beach head for the Navy landing
with tourist dollars spent by midwest boys
on native girls or on a so so day
their mothers spin into the bay
to check out Seaworld and their sons.

Del Mar races to the Sea, a thoroughbred created
surf and turf now spread nationwide
Lobster purists may complain,
But what the heck this isn't Maine.

Newport's towers rise in the sun
home to corporations and the American Way
while Lido Isle imitates packed Mediterranean
Together they cuddle Balboa Bay

Seal and Long - working beaches
tankers, liners and fishing craft
bulky armed tattoos climbing derricks
or hauling lines fore and aft
to wave goodby to love boats

Venice Home to those of odd
or muscular bent
People on wheels cavort the bike paths
into overfilmed Palisades
where Santa Monica sand
sprouts bodies bathed in Oil

Insist wrong if you must but for what it's worth
Stuffy Santa Barbara thinks it starts the north
University and artists lighten it some
as 101 officially becomes Highway One.

Park joins forest until you reach Big Sur
Where llama have been known to graze
As do golfers at Pebble Beach north of there
to where tourists see the best of Monterey

San Francisco rises on its hills
A precious jewel now become
shopworn gaud unsure of future
glorying in past of pirates and pioneers
who celebrated money and arts.

Drakes Bay and Fort Ross proclaim
versions of who came when
English pirate or friendly Russian invasion
Take you to Point Arena
Last of the Lights that frighten away the dark
But can't keep Eureka or Crescent City's arc
from flooding away each year.

Here are the beaches you'll find and more
as you climb from the floor
of California where we boast
a thousand miles of coast
and think it's normal, just like the people.



Claire said...

Your posts are like an explosion of information, i have to sit back and absorb for a while.
Yet more places to add to the ever growing list.

My questions are going to have to be good, expect them sometime before tuesday i hope!

Morgen said...

Jamie = I loved this entire post!
But my favorite lines were:
Lobster purists may complain,
But what the heck this isn't Maine.

Thanks for this - you know I do so love the beach!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

wow, terrific photos!!! thanks!

smiles, bee

Comedy + said...

As always your posts are full of wonderful facts that many of us probably don't know.

Excellent choice of a song. I did the same one. I was a huge Beatles fan! Happy MM!

Another Desert Rat said...

Fantastic! That's all I can say!

Crazy Working Mom said...

This is a MM full of beautiful photos! :)

Great post.

Happy Monday!

Janna said...

I love beaches and water and sand and surf.
Thanks for doing Manic Monday! :)

Meloncutter said...

Well, I keyed in on the bikinis right off. I should have discovered bikinis and their contents 30 years ago.

Great Post.

Later Y'all

Stine said...

Wonderful post! You really are a fount of information....
Thanks for the visit.

Villager said...

Great information, insights, inspiration ... and the photo with the bikini-clad maidens ain't all bad either!

peace, Villager

Sanni said...

Love your stunning pictures - and again I´ve learned a lot! Thanks, Jamie =)

Gattina said...

I very much liked San Fransico and the beaches all along the coast from los Angeles on. And Venice with it's "body builders" on roller skates ! Beautiful pictures !

Corey said...

Great photos! I know that I owe you some blog visits! So here I am!

Mz Jackson said...

Ah, my feel good for the day! I guess I'm going to have to go back to my blog and change my mood again since you've lifted it...

Danielle said...

Thank you for sharing such beautiful photos and the video of course.

Happy MM

Be well and enjoy the day

Kendra said...

i lived in newport for almost a year... it's beautiful and i loved it!!

Skittles said...

Beautiful and breathtaking!

I have a very special MM up today!

Steven said...

What a very lovely post! What a delight to read.

sturgeone said...

jamie....did you know a tacoma judge named Tom Farrow?

This Eclectic Life said...

Claire is absolutely right. What a delightful post, Jamie. I love the poetry and picture mix. You are so awesome.
I'm afraid the San Francisco street car was my favorite, but then I left my heart in The City.