22 August 2009

There's A New Blog In Town

Sean Holton has brain cancer, and he is telling the world all about it in his new blog Same Time Tomorrow. You have a few days of catch up to get through since the original surgery, hospital stay, home coming, and now radiation and chemotherapy. Think of it as a great voyage because that is where Sean is taking us as Captain, crew, social director, counselor, and maybe, as you can see above, Pirate raider.

Take the time to meet a wonderful human being if only to do yourself a favor. This may have happened to you, could happen, or you might face it with a loved one. It is always good to have a road map just in case you might need to make a trip.


Anonymous said...

de-lurking to say hello.

I'll pay him a visit and add him to my reader. I need a good story of hope.

Travis said...

I followed such a struggle last year. Unfortunately, Mark's fight ended with his death in December.