16 August 2009

Take This Tune - Sull'aria

'She is not ugly, but at the same time, far from beautiful. Her entire beauty consists of two little black eyes and a nice figure. She isn't witty, but has enough common sense to make her a good wife and mother .... She understands housekeeping and has the kindest heart in the world. I love her and she loves me....' .

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart about his wife Constaze

Constaze and Wolfgang seem to have been happily mated even in a life filled with sadness. Four of their six children died in infancy and when Mozart died at the young age of 35, she was left a young widow with two children. After Mozart's death, Constanze met and evetually married Nikolaus von Nissen, an official in the Danish Embassy, and it was he who raised Mozart's sons. von Nissen died in 1826, and Constanze in 1842.

Fortunately for us, she seems to have cherished her first husband enough to protect his work, some of which is still being found even as recently as last month.


Travis said...


anthonynorth said...

And it's a good job she did save it. I wonder how much has been lost after undiscovered geniuses die in obscurity.

SouthLakesMom said...

Mozart always reminds me of a roman candle. Burning brightly and beautifully, but oh so quickly, and leaving a faint trail that lingers for a while. Fortunately for us, his trail has lingered for QUITE a while.

Travis said...

I forgot to sign the linky!

Linda said...

Such perfect timing as always as I saw something in the news just today talking about whether Mozart died from strep or not. Thank goodness he had such brilliance at such a young age!

This Eclectic Life said...

Though Mozart's words about his wife seem at first glance like "faint praise," on second reading it's a lovely testimony.

So good that Constanze protected his work.