20 February 2008

Now Where Can I Find That?

As many of you may have noticed, I have a great love for books, poetry, and words that weave a kind of magic. For that reason, I've found oodles of loverly places on the web.

Who said that? Why you just head on over to the The Quotations Page.

I've mentioned him before, but he's worth a second cheer. It's a word or phrase you've heard over and over and want to know the rest of the story. Go visit The Word Detective. If he hasn't done a story, then a little dryer but wonderful source is Etymology On Line.

Everyone must know Snopes Urban Legends by now, but just in case it is where you go to find out if that email plea for money, promise of wealth, dire warning of a virus, or if the latest slash and burn on some politician you love to hate actually has any basis in reality.

Is your library a little lacking? Would you like to read the classics without leaving home or paying for a book you might only read once? If it is out of Copyright, head for Project Gutenberg

There is a call back number on your cell phone. Where were they calling from? For that you go to Area Code By Number , and why wait for the post office to answer the phone when you can look up Zip Codes on line.

Don't call your buddy in Tokyo without checking the World Clock.

A foreign phrase has just appeared. Babel Fish will help you out in eleven different lingos, and thank you to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy for the term Babel Fish.

Then there are those pesky acronyms of letters that could mean anything. To look those up, use the The Acronyms Dictionary

Unfortunately, none of those languages is Latin. All those phrases you know you should know. Just cheat a bit with a trip to Yuni Words of Wisdom or EpistemeLinks. You'll be able to throw around high brow phrases with the best.

The dollar is slipping out of sight. Would you like to know just how bad it is getting out there? That means a trip to Exchange Rates

That's enough useful things to make you feel noble for the day. Later I'll tackle some of the beautiful, odd, and intriguing spots out there.


Matt-Man said...

I have used most of those at one time or another. Cheers!!

Travis said...

Great websites. I've used several, especiall snopes to check on stuff before I get all riled up.