09 February 2008

You Are There

For those who love history, there is something unique happening on the internet. The World War I diary of Harry Lamin is being published day by day as it was written 90 years ago. You can catch up at any time by reading the pages from the beginning and then check back daily to see what happens to Harry next. There has been TV coverage as well and information about that is on the blog.

This is a chance to take a step back in history and see just how valuable it is to later family members and historians to have one of these "average" stories of the past. Just click on Private Harry's War for a step back in time.


the teach said...

Jamie, great idea! I will check it out. Now we have the everyday memoir of a World War I soldier...maybe Ken Burns can put it on film like he did the Civil war stuff!

Jamie, come to my blog and write a 6-word memoir. I will post them all on February 14 and declare a winner on that day. :)

I like the Wisdom Award in your sidebar!

Linda said...

What a great idea and I bet it's downright fascinating, too!

Oh, and I took the Jane Austen character quiz that is on your sidebar and it appears that I am Anne Elliot of Persuasion, a book that I've never read and a character that I know nothing about.

Pity that - I wanted to end up with Mr. Darcy!

Matt-Man said...

Wow...Very interesting stuff I am sure. Thanks for the info Jamie. Cheers!!