23 February 2008

Once More With Feeling

Poll: Bullshit Is Most Important Issue For 2008 Voters

If you are familiar with The Onion, it is a marvelous satire site, and the clip above about broadcast coverage of the election is pure genius. Yesterday I mentioned that Hillary Clinton had been practically dragged over the coals. This beautiful bit of comedy is no different.

It may not register at first, but there are only two tiny images of Giuliani and Edwards who have both dropped out and then a longer shot of Hillary and Bill Clinton. Within the dialogue, only her name is mentioned. Since the subject of the video is B. S. (only bad word used for the sensitive), having her name associated with it by the "newscaster" is telling.

Once you have watched the video, replay it to watch the ribbon on the bottom of the screen. In case you ever want to really know what is happening in the world, that is where you will find the information.

Good on the Onion for a brilliant piece of edgy satire. Bad on them for joining their theoretically more serious brethern in the inequality of coverage.


Matt-Man said...

Good Video Jamie. Love the Onion. Cheers!!

Corey said...

There was a lot of BS in that video.

Linda said...

My friend, Cyndi, out in California has been preaching to me about The Onion for years now - she absolutely loves it!

lisa said...

excellent video and great rolling text. sipping my tea and watching that - fun way to start my snowy Saturday morning. enjoy your day!

the teach said...

Jamie, do you think the name of "Hillary" was dubbed at the end of the video? Look at it again and tell me what you think... I was really surprised that they used the name since no political names were used up til then.