16 February 2008

The Scottish Bartender

Political season is in full swing, which is the best excuse for serious drinking that I know. Now there are two kinds of hard liquor in the world: Scotch and everything else. If you take it easy and work your way carefully through the following recipes, you won't care who is living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

In Scotland Whiskey Means Scotch
Sweet Vermouth – Red
French Vermouth – White
Mixtures with Scotch are usually 4 to 1
(i.e. 4 jiggers of Scotch to 1 of vermouth) but do to taste

Flying Scotsman - Mix three glasses whisky, 2.5 glasses Italian Vermouth and add one tablespoon bitters and a tablespoon of sugar syrup.

Hilton Fling - Mix a measure of Dubonnet with half a measure of Drambuie. Add a dash of orange bitters and a slice of orange.

Rusty Nails - Mix a measure of Drambuie to a measure of whisky and stir well.

Manor Punch - Mix a measure of whisky, Sweet Vermouth and a dash of Drambuie and serve with a cherry. You decide whether to shake or stir...

Rob Roy - Mix a measure of whisky and Sweet Vermouth and add two dashes of Angostura bitters.

Robbie Burns - Measure of whisky mixed with Sweet Vermouth and three dashes of Benedictine.

Prince Charlie - Equal measures of Drambuie, Cognac and lemon juice.

Flora Macdonald - Mix a measure of Drambuie and dry gin to two measures of French Vermouth. Wow!

Whisky-Mac - The classic cocktail of equal parts whisky and green ginger wine or one part wine to two of whisky. Mix by holding the bottom of the glass and gently shaking.

Auld Nick - each drink has 50% whisky, 25% Drambuie and 12.5% of orange juice and 12.5% of lemon juice.

Deansgate - One measure of Drambuie, one measure of lime juice and two measures of white rum.

Ecstasy - equal measures of Drambuie, cognac and French Vermouth.

Highland Fling - mix two measures of whisky to one of Italian Vermouth and add two dashes of orange bitters. Serve with an olive.

Highland Milkmaid - using a spoon, gently add cream to the top of a generous serving of whisky.

Isle of Skye - Equal measures of Drambuie, gin and lemon juice.

Scottish Sparkle Punch - Mix a bottle of dry white wine, two-thirds of a cup of Drambuie and the juice of a lemon in a jug. Chill and, just before it is to be used, add a bottle of chilled sparkling wine and two cups of lemonade. Add plenty of ice before serving.

Tam O' Shanter - 3 glasses of whisky, 2 glasses French Vermouth, half a glass of orange juice. Shake well, add a little nutmeg and serve with an olive.

Now that you have committed every form of sacrilege possible and would like to learn how to REALLY drink scotch, go visit Max Riffner for step by step directions on how to do it right.


Matt-Man said...

A little numb helps to ease alot of dumb. Cheers!!

Travis said...

Whiskey is quite versatile isn't it?

BBC said...

I pretty much just drink light beer, once in a while a little Kahlua if I think of it.

Gabrielle said...

Hi, I had a question: is the "hilton fling" really a Scottish drink (originated in Scotland)? Or was it created somewhere else and it just happens to have whiskey in it?

Jamie said...

Most mixed drinks using Scotch or Drambuie (Scotch liquer)were invented by bar tenders normally in competition. The Hilton Fling was probably the invention of a Hilton Hotel barkeep.

Most self respecting scotch drinkers want it straight with at most a splash of water.