24 April 2008

It Pays To Be Kind

In this Earth Week, think about both your pocketbook and your mental health ... Take the Train. The airfares are climbing. The lines are getting longer. More and more flights are being cancelled. The food is getting worse as your nerves get more and more frazzled. Measure the airport wait times, costs and convenience against the travel time available and then take a look at The Independent Traveler and Rustic Girls

I know gas prices are through the roof, but consider using that car less while demanding that your legislators support mass transit of all kinds. As populations go up and supplies go down, there is only one direction for those prices. When you add that cost to the destruction done by oil and its byproducts, the less used the better.

While you are screaming at the politicos you might that using corn for fuel is just plain stupid ... more land planted to corn ... less land planted to other crops ... everything that contains or lives off of wheat and other growing things will become more and more expensive. Gas prices go up. Wheat prices go up. Grocery prices go up. Do you see a connection here? If you have land, it's time to plant a vegetable garden. If you don't, connect with a farmer's market or local buying group.

If they are still around, ask parents and grandparents what they did during WW II to economize and conserve during rationing. Those same practical actions will help keep your costs down now. Besides the children might actually enjoy eating their own home grown food. For helpful hints, visit Get Rich Slowly.


Travis said...

These are good suggestions. And I'm thinking that, as higher prices drive us toward farmer's markets and our own veggie gardens, might that not help us get control of the obesity epidemic as well?

Great post!

Ivanhoe said...

Ahem... I do take a train to work every day :o))))
I have a backyard, but I'm not sure about farming... Would I know how to take care of all the veggies? *sigh* I may have to do that if prices will keep climbing... Have a great weekend!

eProf2 said...

Great post Jamie. We're all going to see the connections to our agriculture and transportation very, very soon. I'm planting my garden right now so that I can be a little (very little) less dependent on corporate farmers. The mosiac of inter-relatedness is about to emerge from our sub-conscience again. Afterall, our grandkids think milk comes from a container!

Jamie said...


Just think of the plants as funny looking flowers. You'll do just fine.