26 April 2008

The Picture

I haven't nagged at folks for a while about labeling pictures and telling family stories even if only casual notes you put away for someone to find later. Regular readers are used to my mantra: History untold is history lost.

Here is a lovely song about both a picture, a family, and just why those stories are so very important. You wouldn't want to live in a world that was only what you find in the newspapers.


Linda said...

You are absolutely right on this as I can remember asking my mother many times over - "who's this" or "what was going on here" and after looking at the back of the picture she was able to figure it out if something was written there but totally stumped if it wasn't.

Of course, with everything being digitalized now, it makes it a lot harder as there are no backs to write on!

Travis Cody said...

What a great song. I'll be working on just such a photo project this summer. The photos are all together in one box now, and all that remains is to get them scanned into the PC and organized.

My folks have been so good at doing this over the years. There's a lot of older history that is missing, but at least my folks and my generations will be covered.