08 April 2008

It's About Time

It sometimes takes a while for officialdom to get around to honoring what everybody already knows. Bob Dylan doesn't need the honor. He is totally secure in the love and admiration of generations courtesy of a more than 40 year career sharing his poetry with the world. Still it is nice to know that he has been given an honorary Pulitzer Prize as this year's winners were unveiled in New York. Even better they gave it to him for the right reason: his "profound impact on popular music and American culture, marked by lyrical compositions of extraordinary poetic power".

Everyone has their favorite Dylan music (or favorite for that moment in time). Feel free to share which ones meant something at some point in your life. If you need any helpful hints, You Tube has a whole channel, Bob Dylan TV with enough videos to keep you blissful for a long while. Then there is always Bob Dylan Dot Com with a list of all the songs. Get the title and then do a search on the lyrics page. Instant poetry for the rest of your life.

Congratulations Mr. Dylan. Enjoy what you have had coming from the beginning.


Travis Cody said...

This is so well deserved. Finally we get a nod to the importance of late 20th century lyricists.

Schmoop said...

Dylan is da man. We usually listen to some of his stuff every weekend. Rock On Bob. Cheers Jamie!!

Julie said...

Wow....i knew he wrote a ton of songs...but I didn't know he wrote this many! I'm impressed!fhwud