18 January 2009

Blogger Album Project

The Bloggers Album Project was started by Robert Rouse. This is what Robert has to say about the project:

"I started the Blogger Album Project to discover how diverse - or collective - the Blogosphere is when it comes to taste in music. So far, the choices are interesting - to say the least! Many great albums - most I have owned - some I have never heard of, but will check out because of this list. Send a list of your seven favorite albums (those are like large black compact discs to those of you who do not remember turntables before scratching), along with a link to your blog. I am hoping we can eventually have more than 1000 selections - the current total stands at 378 Album choices."

This is a virtually impossible chore for me. My tastes are so eclectic that the collection is broken up among Classical, Soundtrack, Standards, not to mention the genres from bluegrass to rock. About the only thing that isn't there is rap and the grandkids have me listening to that. The only solution was to pick the seven I'm playing most often at the moment, all of which are subject to change on a whim at any second. What can you expect from a woman who just looked to her left and saw Rod Stewart, B B King, and Bonnie Raitt and looked to the right to find Placido Domingo on top of Ella Fitzgerald and Linda Ronstadt.

So here's my seven albums:

  1. U2 - Rattle and Hum
  2. Les Miserables - Soundtrack
  3. Eagles - Desperado
  4. Sondheim - Follies In Concert Soundtrack
  5. Barbara Cook - Live From London
  6. The Chieftains - Long Black Veil
  7. Bob Dylan - Nashville Skyline
If you click on the link to the project above, you can get to the site to view the list so far. There is also a link to Robert's email on the site so you can send your own selections. After my visit there, I wanted to come back here and change everything because so many of the albums listed are on my shelves.... oh well, Sorry about that Beatles, Mamas and Papas, Fleetwood Mac, Elton John .... Argh!!!


carol g said...

I find this a very interesting survey. I do still own some LP albums :o) Unfortunately, I left them in #2 son's care, so I have NO idea where they are or who has them. Richard has some here... mostly part of a Time/Life collection. I should take a look at them again.

Travis said...

Great graphic! And I love your music choices.

I need to get back over to Robert's site and spend some time.