04 January 2009

Manic Monday - Sale

I was almost thrown by this week's word from Mo until I remembered the opening scene from The Music Man where all the salesmen on the train talk about the change in the way businesses is done (Ya Gotta Know The Territory). Then the charlatan traveling Salesman Harold Hill Proceeds to sell River City a Boy's Band (Ya Got Trouble).

It is amazing how much things have changed from when I was a child and there were still door to door salesment such as the "Fuller Brush Man". Later "The Avon Lady" really did make the rounds of the neighborhood rather than just passing the catalogue around at work.

It you wanted an expensive item you either saved up and paid cash or put it on "lay away" and made payments until you could pay it off and pick it up. Admitedly credit makes purchases much more convenient, but the access to easy credit has caused more heartache than I think it may be worth.

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Linda said...

"I don't believe I caught your name."

"I don't believe I dropped it!"

Ah, great scene from a great show and no one does Harold Hill like Robert Preston (certainly NOT Matthew Broderick for all I like him as an actor in other roles). However, the revival I saw on Broadway with Craig Bierko playing Harold was quite passable as he was Preston-like yet not over the top.

Not only do they not make salesmen like they used to, they don't make Broadway shows like they used to - sadly on both counts I think.

Mags said...

I LOVE this musical. Now I want to go rent it.

Happy MM!

carol g said...

Ah, yes... Professor Harold Hill, the ultimate SALEsman. I giggle remembering his antics. And I love all the music for that musical!

anthonynorth said...

Great musical - and they were much more happy times before the delusion of too much credit.

Travis said...

What a great musical. Can you imagine in this day trying to make it seeling stuff door to door?

First off, there aren't many people who are home during the day anymore. And then what stay-at-home Mom is going to feel safe opening her door to a stranger anymore?