03 January 2009

Bringing You Up To Speed

White great grandmother with children
(grandfather, William White, center back row)

Pifer Great Grandparents with children
(Grandfather, James Pifer, center back row)

For more than two years now I've been writing about anything and everything. During that time, I've touched on family members and history. For those of you fairly new to these pages, you can take a look at some previous articles to get acquainted with the cast of characters before I take you to 1954.

Finding Jessie was about my grandmother.

Aunt Ruth - My mother's oldest sister and provider of my most regular home.

Donald Dotson - Aunt Ruth's husband until I was 12 and second father figure.

Going Places - Genealogy article on various relatives

Mary Ellen Pifer - A Manic Monday on "Green" and a story of the Oklahoma dust bowl.

Squeezing Out A Memory - A sense of Central California in the 1950s

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Villager said...

God Bless You! It is great how you are sharing info on your family history...

I invite your blog readers to a reminder that we are never alone through the musical scripture of Al Green on my Sunday Inspirations meme entry this week.

peace, Villager