23 January 2009

Severe Nostalgia Attack

The Original Angel's Flight

The whole idea of a former mouseketeer passing away at only 64 was terribly sad. The fact that I am now 64 and will be 65 on March 2 didn't help the mood any. This was followed by one of those rather aggravating chain emails, "Do You Remember The Fifties?" and I was off on an extended trip down memory lane. Fortunately if you have to make the sentimental journey to your childhood, this one has a fabulous soundtrack. Based on the old Cashbox Charts from the period, The Tropical Glen Jukebox site is where you go to pick a year from 1940 to 1970 and you don't have to put a nickle in the nickelodeon to hear Theresa Brewer sing.

Many years ago I did an exhibit for a banker's convention in San Diego. It consisted of blow ups of photographs of old time California and a buffet of tidbits based on all the cuisines that had migrated there so that trays of tiny tacos were nestled next those containing won tons and spanakopita. The California Historical Society had helped me with the canvas mounted blowups and I thought I might like to see some of the pictures again. In hunting around I found an absolutely incredible creation A Visit to Old Los Angeles. It covers the period from 1900 to 1920 and could take you hours to get through if you read all the descriptions, commentary and postcards, so you might want to just bookmark it for "in the mood" visits.

Of course the modern city looks quite a bit different. At the top of the page is the original Angels' Flight. It was taken down for "temporary" repairs under Mayor Bradley and didn't return for thirty years, but you can now ride one of the few or possibly only funicular railways in the United States.


Mo said...

Funicular is a fun word!

Your header here is amazing - can you imagine being in that library in person?

This Eclectic Life said...

I got that same e-mail...at least I betcha it was. Unfortunately, the chick who sent it had to make some comment like, "I don't remember most of these things." Children!

You have done so many fascinating different things in your life, Jamie. Have you written a book about it yet?

Jamie said...

That's what my son in law keeps nagging about. There is a pile of notes here somewhere. lol

Linda said...

Given my druthers, I prefer the nostalgic version of LA to the current incarnation as it's just too over the top anymore.

I can remember going to see Disneyland for the first time as a kid in 1965 and then going back again as an adult in 1980. Egad - it wasn't even the same place it seemed! Sometimes change is not a good thing even though I guess it's inevitable, right?

Speaking of right ... write that book!!! You have some fantastic stories to tell!