21 January 2009

Commercial Purpose

Most of the time I totally ignore commercials. I am the world's worst person for advertisers as I simply forget their names (which cruise line just like all the others that just went by?). If I actually want something I go on the web or look in the phone book for the product or service, but you can't SELL me anything except total resistence to anyone trying to SELL me something. Remind me to tell you about my fight with the guy pushing whichever computer came in the cow box.

Even more than commercials, I really really hate advertisers who tie their commercials to national holidays such as mattress sales on Washington's Birthday (he had to sleep somewhere) or the most offensive of all, Christmas displays in October.

So surprise, surprise. I have actually seen two commercials recently that I not only remember the commercial, but I remember th brand name, and I look forward to seeing them again. This hasn't happened since EDS herded cats.

First up Starbucks - Love the commercial. Love the idea. It won't do them anygood, my order is still a grande latte and a butter croisant, but thanks for having a really good idea.

The second is Pepsi with "My Generation", first because I've been thinking about age recently and the images cover the last century, and who could resist bouncing to The Who. This won't do Pepsi any good either since I don't drink sodas, but hey! Great commercial guys.

What makes both of these commercials stand out is that they are directed at US not at YOU. There is an inclusion of all people of all ages making things happen, something that seems to have been missing for a few decades now. It's a nice feeling and I'm glad to have it back. Now if the feeling will only spread.


carol g said...

I find some commercials entertaining. I like the California Cows (California Cheese) and the Slowski Turtles (Comcast). Comcast also has some punny ones -- creative minds at work. But I hate when the same commercial interrupts MY tv shows every 6 minutes -- I timed it one night. The same stinken insurance commercial. Now that's enough for me NOT to try their commercial.

I am bummed out this morning... my Yahoo mail is not working at the moment and I feel LOST!!!

Jamie said...

The Cows are cute, but I couldn't tell you what they want me to buy .. California Cheese? What brands?

Now Budweiser clydesdales. Love those horses. Of course I then buy Dos Equis or Sierra Ale. :-)

Mo said...

The Starbucks volunteer ad is cool in a retro meets mod way that I really liked. I wish I had a Starbucks nearby just to go get a Chai there, but I digress...
And the Pepsi one just made me want a Pepsi in a glass bottle, like my grandparents used to have on their back porch.

Linda said...

I don't think I have ever gone out and bought anything because of a commercial but through the years there have been some I've liked more than others.

The one that currently cracks me up is for Monster Jobs and shows an ambulance pulling up to the scene of an accident, the EMTs rushing out to help, one of them taking a look at the crash victim and passing out cold! That would be me and that's why I dispatch ambulances rather than work in the back of one!

online casinos said...

Love those commercials too! nice insights by the way..:)

Travis said...

I love the Pepsi commercial, but I hadn't seen the Starbucks one. That's odd because I live in the land of eco-awareness and the founding of Starbucks!

Of course, neither commercial gets me to do anything I don't already do. I volunteer, I drink a grande caramel macchiato (sp), and I already drink Diet Pepsi. But as you say, they are great spots anyway.