12 January 2009

The Boy From Oz

The media reel for the musical "The Boy From Oz" has hit you tube. These are the stars doing all of the musical numbers with good film values. Two songs are below, but there are more than 20 songs that you might want to view. If you don't have the soundtrack, you can start HERE and work your way through all of the performances. It isn't as good as having the whole show as a movie, but unfortunately about as close as we are likely to get unless someone gets smart in Hollywood and figures out that not everyone wants to see blood and explosions. A couple of samples are shown below.


maryt/theteach said...

OMG, Jamie! I've listened to 3 songs so far, I have to listen to the rest! Peter Allen was so talented and Hugh Jackman - well what can I say? Now I'm here for the whole afternoon and I'll be listening and watching.

This Eclectic Life said...

HUGH JACKMAN??? Who knew? No wonder he got named the sexiest man alive!!

Travis said...

The first time I saw that Hugh Jackman was hosting the Tony awards, I was dubious. I didn't know anything about him other than as an action movie star.

Boy! Was I pleasantly surprised at how talented he is.

KK Stevens said...

You can find the majority of the show (the musical numbers, includeing some scenes) in order as they appeared on broadway here:
Trust me. It's a really good playlist, and it includes almost EVERYTHING. YOu won't be dissapointed.

Jamie said...


That's where I got to two clips above. It is a wonderful collection. What I don't understand is why someone isn't selling the DVD on Amazon. Talk about missing a money making opportunity.