12 November 2010

5 On Friday - Dance, Dance, Dance

Turn on the way back machine Travis ... We are going dancing for this addition of 5 on Friday.  Everyone can join in by visiting Travis for the rules and to sign in for this fun meme.

First up the dance that made them stars and the song that won the first Academy Award given out for Best Song:  The Continental from "The Gay Divorcee" with dancing courtesy of Astaire and Rogers.

First heard in "Gold Diggers of 1935", The Lullaby of Broadway" won the Academy Award for 1935 for best song. It has since been recycled into just about every video and vocal format there is. Here it is sung by the incomparable Jerry Orbach and the dancers of "42 Street" on Broadway.

Those who only knew him from Law and Order maybe surprised to know Jerry Orbach had his greatest fame on Broadway. One role, as the original Billy Flynn in "Chicago" was a particular standout even though the ladies tried there darnedest to steal the show. So if you are going to murder your husband ... do it in style with Bob Fosse choreography. Here are the ladies of Murderers' Row with the Cell Block Tango - You know he had it coming.

Now absolute proof that man was truly meant to fly:  Mikhail Baryshnikov in the Cups Variation from Don Quixote

Fall has officially arrived and we are on our way to winter.  Let's take a sunny time out for "Summer Loving" from Grease.  Bleachers never looked so good.


Michelle said...

I had such a crush on Baryshnikov when I was a teenager.


Julia Phillips Smith said...

Holy macaronio.

First of all, are you surprised that I have in my hot little hands, my very own DVD of The Gay Divorcee?

Or that Lullaby of Broadway will make its appearance on my 5 on Friday two weeks from now (because it's already been loaded in for awhile now - just sayin'.)

Or that this Don Quixote variation by Baryshnikov has been a favorite of mine for years? And that he is my favorite dancer of all time?

And that Grease is a sentimental favorite of mine, having sung and danced to the soundtrack at home during my junior high years?

Do I have to say that I love your set this week, Jamie?

Linda said...

You make me feel like dancing - I just wish that I could!

Amanda would give two big thumbs up to the Cell Block Tango - I believe she even has that one loaded on her iPod if I remember correctly but oh, oh those summer nights!

Great set list this week no matter how you look at it ... oh, and I did know that about Jerry Orbach, I would have loved to see him on Broadway. Seriously.

Travis Cody said...

Still working through the kinks with our new wireless router...evidently watching videos is one of those kinks. But I still think this is a great set, even though I can't watch it!