10 November 2010

The Falkirk Wheel

About five years ago I traveled to the United Kingdom and toured England and Scotland. My home base was a home in Macclesfield, England whose back yard sat right on the Macclesfield canal. As a result, we could sit there in the garden and watch the narrow boats pass buy on their excursions.

Throughout the UK these boats travel over routes that were originally used for shipping manufactured items but now serve to transport families on vacation with the water borne equivalent of an RV camper.  There are several different "rings" that you can travel depending on where you want to go and what you want to see.
To see some of the possibilities go here.

I just received an email from Scotty of Rampant Scotland  informing me of the opening of the Falkirk Wheel which is a way to lift these canal boats eight stories to move from one canal to another.  It is a magnificent piece of engineering not equaled anywhere else in the world.  Enjoy watching the boats float in, get a lift up and then continue along their merry way.

How much do I want to go back?  The first born is on the auction block.  Of course, the "ring" I really want to do encompasses Oxford and the Thames.  You could spend a life migrating around in the comfort of your own floating bed and breakfast.


Linda said...

Take me with you!

I don't have an official Bucket List but I do know that if I did, a trip like this would most definitely be right at the top!

Travis Cody said...

Sounds like something I should put on my list for whenever I managed to get over there.