06 November 2010

5 On Friday - Standing In The Light

Travis of Trav's Thoughts invented this fun meme.  Hop on over to his home on the Internet for full rules.

This week was the Blogblast for Peace and I completely forgot about 5 On Friday.  Looking at all those beautiful globes of the earth reflecting the light sent me looking for "Light" songs.  Enjoy

David Cook - Light On

Ella Fitzgerald - I'm Beginning To See The Light

LeAnn Rimes - You Light Up My Life

Madonna - Ray of Light

Billy Joel - The Lights Went Out On Broadway


Travis Cody said...

Outstanding! My thoughts went to a similar theme for my Set.


Julia Smith said...

What a great thread to run through your set, Jamie. My favorites were Ella Fitzgerald, Madonna and Billy Joel. (listened to them while working away ay my NaNo novel)