30 November 2010

A Hunting We Will Go

I should probably keep this to myself, but today is St. Andrews Day at noon, 30 November, GMT, Haggis season is on until January 25 and continues for eight weeks.  Just surf on by Haggis Hunt. The Grand Prize is one night's stay in the luxury accommodation of the Kingdom of Fife Suite at Fairmont St. Andrews including dinner.  As well as this fantastic prize you will be invited to visit the Mackie's crisp factory in Perthshire and take home a selection of Mackie's crisps - in haggis & cracked black pepper and six other fantastic flavours.  
 Since most statesiders can't afford to just pop over for a couple of nights, the under prizes are usually fun.

The rules are simple.

1. Stop while on your way to somewhere else.
2. Look at the webcams.
3. If you see a Haggis, click on the "I Saw A Haggis" link.
4. If you haven't played before, register once.
5. Make frequent trips since every click goes into the hat.
6. A drawing from all entries after January 25 will determine winners.

There are three kinds of Haggii you might spot: The slender female of the species; The Great Golden Haggis; and the standard breed.

Even if you don't play, a one time stop is fun just to read the Haggisclopedia.

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