20 November 2010

Everybody Has A Story

I was watching Australia for the upteenth time and heard its opening about stories.  It all fits in with my love of history and genealogy and this movie.  Everybody has a story to tell that is more interesting than who they are, where they are, what they have ... all of the details of their everyday life. "In the end all you have is your story and all you can do is to try to live a good one."  So let's hear your stories or at least the bits and pieces of what you have lived.  A friend of mine on Face Book published 50 things about me which is a good place to start.
May not get to 50, but let's see where this takes us.

  1. I attended more than 21 schools in 12 years.  Delinquent Parents are a drag.
  2. No one other than relatives know my full name.  Attacked by Scots while still to young to defend myself.
  3. The only person who has known me that I'm still in contact with since childhood is my cousin Wanda
  4. I learned to read when I was three, and my first book was The Bumper Book which is now worth a whole lot of money for the original
  5. My 50th High School Reunion is next year (2011).  Still  debating if I want to go.
  6. Silly as it may seem I'm only 36 (see previous blog articles about celebrating anniversaries)
  7. Sarah started this so "Sarah Says" is appropriate.
  8. I should have taken up drums
  9. I have no allergies of any kind
  10. The last of my "best friends with Privileges" just died
  11. I hate celibacy and I'm stuck with it.
  12. I "babysat" an Oscar.  It's fun to know you once held the statuette in your hands.
  13. I once saw Donald O'Connor dance in person
  14. Mikael Baryshnikov gave me his autograph on a Brodsky poem "Classical Ballet" dedicated to him.
  15. My favorite color is green 
  16. Lost my vocal chords to smoke inhalation.  
  17. Still love Karaoke
  18. If you ever do Pub Quizzes, Cash Cab or Trivial Pursuit, you want me on your team
  19. My theme song is "Any Place I Hang My Hat Is Home"
  20. Date a musician and get your own "walk on" music.  So for Sarah because she started this:  You Only Live Twice
  21. 30 more "about me" stories ... More later. Feel free to start your own 50


Anonymous said...

#18? I want you on my team. I'm lacking in sports knowledge, but usually get the other stuff.

As for your HS reunion... if you have a connection to those folks, take the time to go. Who knows, maybe you'll find a new best friend with privileges. (wink)

Linda said...

Seems to me you have the basis here for one heck of a good book! After all, how many people have ever babysat on Oscar? You're the only one that I know!

So far, sounds like you, me, and Lois would make a great Trivia Team!

Travis Cody said...

I should start writing down the little memories that come to me unexpectedly.