23 December 2010

5 On Friday - Stocking Stuffers

Going up early as there will be all sorts of goings on through the weekend. Besides, you might want to do some more last minute shopping after reading this. Travis of Trav's Thoughts has created this lovely meme so that we can all share music.  To join in, simply click on the link for rules and sign in so everyone can visit you.

This week I'm stuffing the Christmas Stockings with music you shouldn't miss.  Whether you are gifting with ITunes cards or actual CDs, these are good albums to pass along as well.

First up my newest acquisition:  The Union, Elton John and Leon Russell here with "If It Wasn't For Bad"

If you love musical theater and don't have the Memphis soundtrack, get ready to get up and dance to some Rock and Roll just as good as the original sound of the 1950s. It deserved to win the Tony for Best Musical, so do your ears a favor and if a road production comes near you, go see it. The story of the time period and civil rights involved are just as good as the music. Here is one of the gospel sounding numbers: Make Me Stornger. You Tube has cuts of all the songs in the show

The next one you will need to jump to the link as embedding is forbidden. It is Neil Young's new album "Le Noise" with a great acoustic guitar work on Love and War.

I just recently discovered Kid Rock while hunting for music after watching the Aid for Haiti concert. Better late than never.  As luck would have it, he has a new album: Born Free. Here is the title cut.

Just realized that I haven't mentioned the ladies. Here is Taylor Swift (another performer I'm just starting to explore having resisted American Idol for all of its seasons). The album "Speak Now" and the title song

And Just one more.  Robert Plant's latest album:  Band of Joy, here with "Angel Dance"

For genres that you like that I might have skipped over, here is Rolling Stone's 30 Best Albums of 2010

Happy Holidays From Our House To Yours


Coco said...

Wonderful songs! Happy holidays to you, too!

Travis Cody said...

I kind of like the Kid Rock tune. He's never really been much on my radar, but it's nice to see that he can focus on music and turn out some good stuff.