21 December 2010

Queen's Meme - Boop Boop I Doop

Not quite sure what has gotten into her majesty.  She just may have been spending a little too much time by the holiday punch bowl.  Anyway, instead of the usual "staid?" Queen's Meme has been replaced by The Mimi Boop Meme.  So hop on over to Bloggingham to sign in but beware of high flying high heels ... there's a whole lot of boopy doopy going on.

1. I am good when I hunt for things.

Need something found, Call me! Some people Google, I am the Yo Yo Ma of the search engine.

2. I am naughty when

I procrastinate. Anything worth doing can wait until I get around to it.

3. The world would be a better place if people would

Deck the Halls with home made decorations instead of commercially bought stuff.  Don't just sit there, whittle another wood ornament for the tree!

4. Have you ever snuck into the living room in the middle of the night, unwrapped your gifts and wrapped them back just to see what was under the Christmas tree for you? Come on.....you can tell me.

 No, but a lot can be determined by shaking vigorously.

Sidenote: I've always wanted to know what really goes on in the Gingerbread House after dark. I've never seen any cookies come out of that place. Have you?

 Life expectancy of anything inside a Gingerbread House is sadly very limited.

5. Have you ever been stuck in a chimney?

No.  I did get stuck in a crawl through space in Pepper Sauce cave once.  Dark except for a flashlight is a wee bit discomforting when you are wedged between two rocks. 

6. Who would you like to stuff in a stocking and why?

I've pretty well said, "Get Stuffed" to all who deserve it.

7. Could you name the 12 Disciples Days of Christmas, the 3 Musketeers Wise Men and all of Santa's medications Reindeer if your life depended on it? OK wiseguy. Prove it.

I always get Gaspar, Balthazar, and Melchior mixed up with Athos, Porthos, and Aramis.  Then D'Artagnan shows up brandishing his sword and the next thing you know Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donder, and Blitzen end up as reindeer steaks.

8. On the 13th Day of Christmas my true love gave to me

I know there is a true love lurking around here somewhere ... What are you giving me buddy?  The queen wants to know!"

9. Imagine that Santa Claus really does exist for a moment. (I can say that this week. Baby Boy is not listening right now ) Anyway, if the Big Guy could grant you any wish, what would your most hedonistic and self-centered wish be? (You can say it. I won't tell. I'm Mimi Boop today.)

It's a mere $2.5 million dollars and can be seen by clicking      here.

10. When you make your list, do you check it twice and find out who's been naughty or nice or do you just get everybody a box of chocolate covered cherries and call it a day?

As it happens my son in law is addicted to chocolate covered cherries, so I have to put them in all the boxes with the presents.

If you're reading this meme, consider yourself tagged. That is my Christmas present to you!! And don't try to hide from the queen.  She has a list and knows who has been naughty or nice.


Dawn Drover said...

Excuse me while I go whittle a wood ornament for my tree... I'm such a good procrastinator :)

Anonymous said...

the yo-yo-ma of the search engine???? wow...that's going to scramble my brain for a bit...

happy christmas

Linda said...

I did #4 once when I was in Junior High School and never did it again as it totally ruined Christmas morning already knowing what I was going to get. There's more fun in guessing!

Mimi Lenox said...

I'll have you know I am enjoying my boop boopedoopin'...or whatever it's called. I need to look down and see red heels on my feet more often.

The Yo Yo Ma of search engine cracked me up. You put chocolate covered cherries in EVERY box? Bwaahaaaaa

Okay. It's back to boopy doopy for me.
You are a riot.

Debbie Reynolds is not being gentle with him, is she....

Durward Discussion said...

That was the film "Three Little Words" the fictionalized story about the song writers Bert Kalmar and Harry Ruby where Debbie was portraying Helen Kane (It is Kane's voice). Kane was the inspiration for Betty Boop, but never received a dime for the theft of the personality she created. Fascinating background story. Which is why I claimed Yo Yo Ma of search engines. :-)

Travis Cody said...

Donder...I think you are one of the few people I've ever encountered who know how to correctly spell Mr Donder Reindeer's name. Most go with Donner, and I can report that it irks me just a little bit.