13 December 2010

Take This Tune - The Best Part of the Day

This week's Take This Tune is "The Best Part of the Day" from the new "The Union" album by Elton John and Leon Russell.  I decided to grab one line out of the lyrics because it reminded me of an "Our Song" that to this day can make me cry.

You're my best friend you shared my crazy ways
Now we don't want to miss out on the best part of the day

There must be something universal in the idea that the greatest loves are with someone who is your best friend. If you can't wake up and see them beside you to chase the dreams away and face the best part of the day, then the next best alternative is the voice on the other end of the line who picks up when you call even in the middle of the night. For me it is a song from Neil Diamond from the musical "The Jazz Singer".

Maybe it's been crazy; Maybe I'm too blame
Won't you put your heart above your head
We've been through it all and you've loved me just the same.
When you're not here, I just need to hear Hello


Finding Pam said...

I love this song by Neil Diamond. It is so beautiful.

Travis Cody said...

Friends, lovers, and pals...

Friends to know when you need a hug and when you need some space.

Lovers...that's obvious.

But pals...comfortable with each other doing something or nothing at all. That's special.