22 December 2010

Snowbound Scotland

Pictures in the Snow

Courtesy of Scotty at Scotland Rampant here are some beautiful pictures that find Scots somewhat chilled.

The snow is falling heavily in this picture and kept on like that for a number of hours. It was that wet kind of snow that clings to branches and leaves - and is ideal for making a snowman!

At this stage I was taking photos from inside the house - I worked quickly as even opening the windows to avoid reflections created an icy blast inside!

The local squirrels must be getting puzzled by the way the snow arrives, departs and comes back again. Rather like the Transport Minister, they don't have any TV weather forecasters to give them prior warning...

There is a small hill nearby and local children and some parents were taking advantage of the snow to go sledging. Needless to say, local shops ran out of the plastic sledges very quickly.

I always feel sorry for the folk who live on this hill. It is a dead end and so doesn't get a lot of traffic to churn up the snow.


Linda said...

Ah it may be cold but it's certainly beautiful! I wouldn't mind snow so much if I didn't have to drive in it - or if I had a horse and sleigh rather than a car that really isn't made for snow travel!

Coco said...

It looks beautiful! Just the way Christmas ought to look. Wish we had some here. :( Have a merry and safe Christmas!

Travis Cody said...

Gosh that's gorgeous!