14 January 2011

5 On Friday - A Birthday Toast to Doctor Schweitzer

Travis, blog-master of Trav's Thoughts. has created this fun meme.  To join in on the fun - just pick five songs whether they be in a set or random and post and then sign in on his site to share them with the other participants. 

The theologian, musician, philosopher and Nobel Prize-winning physician Albert Schweitzer was born on this day in 1875. He was a physician, humanitarian, theologian, and Nobel Peace Prize winner for his work in Africa.  His philosophy revolved around the concept of what he called "reverence for life"--the idea that all life must be respected and loved, and that humans should enter into a personal, spiritual relationship with the universe and all its creations. This reverence for life, according to Schweitzer, would naturally lead humans to live a life of service to others.

Because his work as a scientist and missionary, few know that he was also an authority on the life and work of Johann Sebastian Bach.  This gives me an excuse to play some of the lovely Brandenburg Concertos.

Brandenburg Concerto #1

Brandenburg Concerto #2

Brandenburg Concerto #3

Brandenburg Concerto #4

Brandenburg Concerto #5


Linda said...

Happy Birthday, Dr. Schweitzer!

No excuse is every needed to play J.S. Bach - never!

Julia Phillips Smith said...

Oh, how I love watching the musicians go for it.

Concerto #3 is among my all-time favorite pieces - so joyous!

Thanks for the post about Albert Schweitzer - as you may have suspected, I didn't know about his connection to Bach until just now.

Travis Cody said...

I'm glad you did this. While I was putting together my Set for this week, I realized that there wasn't enough classical music in my life. It was good to hear some Bach again.