07 January 2011

5 On Friday - French Kissing

It's still cold, so I am hanging on to the 5 on Friday fireplace. To join in, visit Trav's Thoughts to get the details and sign in so that we can all listen to your choice of music. With all the hoopla over the recent Mega Millions drawing, a group of my friends were planning the hiring of our own personal jet for a group trip to the nude beaches of France courtesy of the winner in our midst. Unfortunately, all of us are still fully clothed, so I'm going with one of my favorite French composers: Michele Le Grand. It's hard to listen to one of his songs and not immediately recognize the movie he scored.

Les Moulins de Mon Coeur (Windmills of My Mind - Thomas Crown Affair)

I Will Wait For You (originally main theme of The Umbrellas of Cherbourg)

In the original French with the luminous Catherine Deneuve dubbed for the song

Theme From Summer of '42

What Are You Doing The Rest of Your Life from The Happy Ending

The Way He Makes Me Feel - Yentl


Julia Phillips Smith said...

What a lovely, haunting, bittersweet collection. The Theme from Summer of 42 is my favorite this week, Jamie, but Windmills of My Mind comes in a close second. I tend to enjoy jazz versions of that one.

Linda said...

Ooo la la!

I never saw "The Summer of '42" (I read the book instead) but the theme is so easily recognizable; it always struck me as rather haunting in a way.

I'm with Julia in that "Windmills of My Mind" is a definite close second!

Oh, and sorry to hear that you and your friends are all still clothed!

Travis Cody said...

Windmills of My Mind always gives me chills...in any language. These are all beautiful songs.