02 January 2011

Botswana Guitar

The beautiful header at the top of the page is from a New Years card I received from photographer: Dale Blank, Photography by Dale Blank, P.O. Box 1311, Gloucester, MA 01931, 617.966.7460. You might want to check out her web page.

The other gift received from a friend was introduction to Botswana Guitar. I had never seen a guitar played this way and was amazed at the rhythms expressed. Enjoy.

The artist is Ronnie Moipolai. Here he is singing and playing in the more traditional manner


Linda said...

I was thinking of Ms. Blank when I was out towards Gloucester and Rockport my last trip to Massachusetts. She's got a lovely natural environment to work from so I'm not at all surprised that her photographs are so beautiful!

Ah, to be her ... !

Pagan Sphinx said...

What a good surprise I had visiting here today. The Bostswana guitar music is fantastic! I actually came looking to see your entry for Yard Art (Mary Teach's meme) and so far I haven't found it but I did enjoy the music a whole lot. Thanks!