04 January 2011

Queen's Meme - New Year

Welcome to the Queen's Meme #65. We're all about ones today in the year of the ones. Do the math.

1. What were you doing at 1:11 am on 1/11/11? - Locked in the arms of Morpheus snoozing away.

2. Did you watch the New Year's Eve hoopla on television at midnight or did you make your own hoopla?  I watched Australia and had one glass of champagne.  Waited for New York to finish the bottle.  Hopped into bed at 9:00 PM having seen some great fireworks.

3. I know this is a tired meme question and really should be retired, but can you tell us just ONE of your New Year's resolutions? - Stay away from wheat.  

4.  What was the one greatest lesson you learned in 2010.  -  Aw gee!  Was I supposed to learn something?  I didn't know there was going to be a test and the cats tore up my homework.

5.  Can you recall a news story from 2010 that affected you greatly and/or personally? - Well the one that bothered me most was the health care debate and non stop Republican lies about what it contained with the result that we got a hodge podge, compromised mess that still caters to the for profit insurance industry instead of provide real health care for the American people.

6.  If you could have just one thing in 2011, what would it be? -   Miss America answer:  World Peace everywhere.  For me:  I really want to go to New York to see Broadway plays and musicals.  Or Australia or around the world cruise ... Well we are back to peace everywhere.

7.  Pick and age: 20 or 11. Which one was best for you and why? - Actually they were both pretty good.  At 11 my mother had remarried, I liked my stepfather, school was fun and I really loved the Fresno of that era.  The 20 was great since it was the year my daughter was born and we bought a home.  Lucky for me you didn't pick 12 and 21. 


Becca said...

Ooh I love your answers for #6. Those would all be such fun things to do!

Linda said...

I didn't know we were supposed to learn something last year either! Hmm, maybe not to tromp around the rocks near waterfalls without good shoes "just in case"??

And gee, I'd have a tough time with that last question as I can barely remember either of those ages so I can't really pick one! Either way I know that I was in the military at both times - once as a military brat and once as an enlisted brat!

Anonymous said...

Austrailia would be kewl.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

I like #7 We all have good and bad ages.

Travis Cody said...

Isn't 1:11am on 1/11/11 still pending?

Or perhaps I shouldn't tell the Queen?

Re your #6: My sister and I got a package deal to fly first class to NYC, stay at the NY Marriott, eat at some really fine restaurants, and see a couple of Broadway shows...over a long 4 day weekend. It wasn't that expensive either.

Jamie said...

I've been dropping hints to the children that I want a New York trip towards the end of this year. So we shall see what happens.

Mimi Lenox said...

I will remember never to mention 12 & 21.
Yes, I made a typo.
I heard that, Travis.

Australia would be lovely (but not now, they're having terrible weather) and Broadway is always a YES.