21 January 2011

5 On Friday - I Name You - For The Ladies

Five on Friday is one year old. To join the party, go visit Travis at Trav's Thoughts for the easy instructions and to share some of your favorite music.  Happy Anniversary Travis.

Is there any standard female name not enshrined in time?  Here we go with a salute to the names that their parents gave them. Mine attacked me by the Scots while still too young to defend myself with Janet Jamieson Durward White. So we kick off the set with Damn It Janet

Now my mother was Mary Ellen. She would have loved Ry Cooder, so here is her signature song: Maria Elena

One of my favorite Broadway shows and eventual movie musicals is On A Clear Day which contains a great song about the woman from a past life: Melinda

Now on to one of my favorite movies, favorite songs, and favorite singers: Laura sung by Frank Sinatra

 I wanted to name my daughter Laura after the above song, but for some reason her father objected so we settled on Lanisa.  I got my own way, sort of,  because she has spent her life being known as Lani. Mothers being what they are I always hear Harry Owens and Sweet Leilani (Heavenly Flower) whenever I call her name and the one place she has always wanted to go is Hawaii.

So if you have a favorite "Girl's Name" in song, let me know.


Linda said...

There are a lot of "Linda" songs out there but I'm none too thrilled with any of them. One of my friends used to like to sing "Linda On My Mind" by Conway Twitty to me just so she could see my face!

I must admit to being rather fond of "Amanda" by Boston and I've always liked "Amy" by the Pure Prairie League.

Now you've got me thinking ...

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

Very cool theme today Jamie...

Julia Smith said...

How cool to find a song that covers both of your mom's names! I really enjoyed Dammit, Janet - big Rocky Horror fan - and since I'm married to a Brad, I love all the Brad references in that musical.

As for me, I've always been rather partial to John Lennon's/The Beatles' 'Julia'. And like Linda, I was never a fan of a few Julie songs - like Julie, Julie, Julie Do You Love Me?

Travis Cody said...

What a great idea for a Set! Not only do you get to share some favorite songs, but you get to express yourself through those choices.

I like!