18 January 2011

Queen's Meme - Theory & Supposition

Welcome to The Queen's Meme #68.  It's called the Basic Music Theory Meme 101

Here majesty is checking up on her subjects study habits.  Didn't someone tell her that it's a holiday?  To join in visit the doyen of Bloggingham on the link above to deal with the following questions.

It's simple! Answer the questions and/or identify the following very basic music symbols and tell us what you think they mean. You can answer correctly (don't peek in the dictionary!) or you can spoof 'em.

1. What is the symbol above called?  Blind Venetian in search of a cane?

2. Imagine you are playing saxophone and suddenly see the symbol above in your music score. What do you do?  Braid my hair.  Run down a beach and learn to play Bolero?

3. And this ornate object is???  I'll be C ing you in all the old familiar places.

4. Are these two rests equal or unequal in value?  They are much too lazy to say.

5. Name at least 2 things missing from the Treble and Bass clef shown above that would be seen in an actual piece of music. Where's a good bar when you really need one for a good time?

6. Why is the treble clef above always getting in trouble? What is wrong with it?  It never learned to speak English?

7. What is the name of this note?  It flew by so fast I didn't get a chance to ask.

8. What is the key signature in the piece of music below?  I asked three times but it got very sharp with me.

BONUS! The correct answer will keep you out of the dungeon for awhile.  Oh all right!!!! F Sharp minor - Give me an F Give me a C Give me a G ... now wave the pom poms.

9. What is the last note on a piano keyboard?  Do I get an A?


Coco said...

Deliciously irreverent! One question, though: is the last note a tonic for the first note, or merely for all the accidental notes in between? And while I think of it, are there TRULY any "accidental notes"? Are they not put there on purpose? One wonders ...

Jamie said...

All the notes not played are left out on purpose so that Jerry Lee Lewis can play them later with his feet.

Finding Pam said...

I love your comment about Jerry Lee Lewis! Priceless!

Mimi Lenox said...

"I'll be C ing you in all the old familiar places."
HA!! Very clever. And correct.

"Where's a good bar"..LOL LOL

"It never learned to speak English?"
You KNEW it was French, didn't you? Fess up. Fess up.

You DO get an A!!
And a gold star for snark.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Sharp answers!

Jamie said...

I had fun with this one.

Linda said...

I just love your wit and sharp sense of humor - no reference to your last answer by the by!

Most definitely a gold star for snark!

jennifer said...

The blinds looking for a cane - ha!

Travis Cody said...

Nice! You made me laugh!