11 April 2007


At the bottom of the the page is a picture of David Alan Durward. In the middle of the page is his namesake David Alan Denchfield. I thought you might like to see how we got from point A to point B

1 David Durward
b: 21 Jul 1853 in Scotland d: 11 Dec 1907 in Scotland
+Jane Gilbert Turner
b: 19 May 1860 in Scotland d: 16 Apr 1929 in Scotland

2 Janet Jamieson Turner Durward
b: 07 May 1894 Scotland d: 29 Dec 1934 in Los Angeles, CA
+William Hunter Gibson White
b: 13 Aug 1892 in Scotland d: 13 Dec 1971 in Los Angeles, CA

3 Robert White
b: 24 May 1918 in Scotland d: 20 May 1981 in Phoenix, AZ
+Mary Ellen Pifer
b: 09 Dec 1918 in OK d: 14 Jun 1961 in Los Angeles, CA

4 Janet Jamieson Durward White
+Raymond Clifford Denchfield, Jr.

5 Christopher Alan Denchfield
+Georgia Ann Warrix

6 David Alan Denchfield

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Travis Cody said...

It's really fascinating how much you know about your family history.