13 April 2007


There are some good superstitions. Whether you actually believe them or not, you want to believe them. Mine is that every Friday the 13th something unusually good happens. Since something good happens on almost every day, and since I get to declare "unusual", this is pretty much a foregone conclusion. Still it does give me a reason to look forward to the next time thirteen lands on Friday.

Today's "Unusual Good Thing" is that Stine of Mother's Home has tagged me as a "Thinking Blog" which I genuinely appreciate. I suppose this means that the brain will have to be kept in gear just a shade more often than usual if only to live up to the appellation.

Here is the badge.

The really good thing is that I also get to tag 5 other thinking bloggers, and pass the award on to them... I hope you will visit them and get acquainted.

Colorado Bob of Colorado Bob. This is a truly eclectic blog by a man with an interesting past and present. He blogs about everything from weather to leather working and makes it all interesting.

Aging Hipster of Aging Hipster. A thoughtful voice in the wilderness whose little paragraphs are windows on a life. Each one can make you smile, make you think, or just nod in recognition of the moment.

Arabella of Tick Tock Goes The Clock. This young woman is the kind of person you want to see take over the world. She is thoughtful, funny, smart, and delightful with a truly unique voice and perspective on the world.

Many of you already know Pissed Off Patricia of Morning Martini. She often lets Fred the Cat do her talking for her and Fred always has a way of inviting you in to a world filled with nature, endangered animals, geography and friends.

Claire of A Little Piece of Me. This is one of our British friends. Whether she is taking you along on one of her great hikes or asking a question that elicits a variety of responses or inventing games and puzzles, Claire is always worth a visit.


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Congrats on the award!
(found my way here from Colorado Bob...)


Claire said...

Hey Thanks for this! I have been tagged for this twice now and was going to pick you for it!

Hmm will have to think!

Claire said...

On topic, Friday 13th for me as usually boring.
But for one of my fiends, something really bad happens.

Sandee said...

Congratulations! I have a request too:

I have been nominated for “Best Humor Blog” over at Blogger’s Choice Awards. I would appreciate your vote. Sign up is easy and it’s FREE. Thank you in advance.


Also Claire has been nominated for Best Blog of All Time :)

Unknown said...

Very good choice! And I liked your friday 13 twist... Thanks for your kind words...

Durward Discussion said...

Comedy +

I already voted for you when nominating another blog for some honors. You never fail to make me laugh


Thanks Doll ... Not much thinking happening lately ... I suppose I'll have to go to work.

Anonymous said...

Hey! What a great honor. Thanks so much! I have been out of town for the last few days and just got in tonight....thanks

vanillabirdies said...

Thanks Jamie!

Now for my say on you. For all the teachers I had (or didn't have) I wish that I had always had you in school.

BUT! Now I can always read you in your blog. And it's always an honor to do so.

Claire said...

Not forgotten by the way.