06 April 2007

Family Tradition

Saturday is one of those "smell the roses" days. The family is going to "Tea". There will be three generations enjoying the delights of slowing down, sitting still, chatting and laughing quietly while enjoying good food in each others company. We go to "Steeped In Comfort" in Lakewood, Wa. Each table is perfectly set with fine china, silver, and fresh flowers. It is a small place with tables full of people talking quietly so as to not disturb the other diners with a background of gentle instrumental music. High tea is one of those incredibly civilized experiences that tend to get lost in our fast food, franchised restaurant, everything to go world.

Normally, in the U.S., this is an adults only experience, but many, many years ago, I started taking my children one at a time to a tea room in Santa Monica, CA. Being a single mother raising children alone, it became the way to spend time with each child as an individual while teaching them manners in a public place. It's amazing how quiet a child becomes when bribed with a tiny raspberry tart. It also gave me time to talk to them without a brother or sister demanding my attention. Now we do it as a way to catch up on events, books, and music.

If you would like to find a traditional tea room near you, the information is available on The Tea Map


Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my site! The family lines I'm following are all listed on my family tree site: http://www.dearelizabeth.net

Let me know if you find any links but I'm mainly basing my research on Central Scotland.

Linda said...

That sounds absolutely wonderful and civilized and relaxing! I hope your family enjoys your tea tradition!

Travis Cody said...

Excellent way to teach manners to children. And I'm sure they enjoyed their alone time with you as well.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea. The girls in my family gave me a tea when I was pregnant. It is a special experience!

Mo and The Purries said...

I love it that your family has such traditions.
In the vacant building across from my store - I would love to have a coffee house on the ground floor, and then upstairs (In the old Woolworth's employee cafeteria) I would have an elegant tea room.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea! I know your family treasures those traditions.