23 July 2007


Watched the CNN / You Tube Debate. Stirred up several ideas about politics and gender and I need 24 hours to spit out something that makes sense. Come back Wednesday.

In the meantime for something to do on Tuesday. You might want to check out the following.

Blog Radio - The Mo Show


Travis said...

What an interesting choice of phrase - spitting out something about politics that makes sense.

Jamie said...

When it comes to politics, spitting, coughing, regurgitatin and all other forms of expectoration just come naturally.

Jamie said...

regurgitation ...

See you can't even spell honestly. :-)

mcewen said...

Newbie visiting from Linda [Are we there yet]
Love the cartoon and the sentiment.

Morgen said...

Thanks for the Mo Show promo, Jamie!
The CNN/YouTube debate was one of the few times I've missed having cable tv.
Interesting to see what your post will entail.
'Til then, happy cogitating!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to it.