05 July 2007

I Can Dream Can't I

Hit The Road Jack


Travis Cody said...

Thank you.

Anon-Paranoid said...

Don't we wish?

God Bless.

Mo and The Purries said...

I want a t-shirt with that Time cover on it.
I don't know who the commenter in the MSNBC clip is, but I think I love him.

Love you too!

Travis Cody said...

Mo - That's Keith Olberman in the video. He is quickly becoming a news hero of mine.

Danielle said...

You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.

BTW did you know Kucinich has put impeachment on the table for Cheney.

Be well and enjoy the day.

Joy Renee said...

Thanx for posting this. i missed it. Keith had been my hero since he broke the MSM ice with the L word last fall.

I wish i had his courage.

when i began Joystory on the evening of the 2004 elections I'd intended do regular in-your-face political posts along with the typical writer's journaling stuff. And i did a few of them. Then it became too difficult to hang on to the edge of my anger while maintaining close communication with my bush-is-the-bees-knees Dad as he was dying of cancer. It's been a year and a half since Dad died and my only real excuse now is fear of alienating my regular readers most of whom found me in the last year and have been led to expect something quite different from the raging rants that 'graced' the early months of Joystory.

sorry i rambled so. i was about to delete all but the intro lines but then i paused and thot, maybe i can jumpstart my courage with this little confession. and i also thot maybe you were as much in need as i was of hearing from another who is on the same page as Keith O. We seem to be so few. Tho i suppose that could just be the way it seems from here in the Rogue Valley where there were enough voters who could brag without blushing that they never set foot in a library and couldn't see why they should have to pay for others to have the privilege, that our library levy failed and the county-wide system has shut its doors indefinitely.

another reason i shy from blogging on these things is that the raw emotions conjured by contemplating it tempt me to despair.

i guess i just don't have the stuff of a hero.