29 January 2008

Ask Not - Don't Ask

Lately, I've been staying away from politics because it creates so much dissention between otherwise truly wonderful people. With the primary season fully underway and feeling as depressed about it as I am, it was time to say something.

Eight years ago, I complained to a very far right Republican friend, that it seemed as if a coterie of very powerful Republicans with a lot of money and the full cooperation of the media had gathered around one person, sucked all the oxygen out of the election, and canonized the nominee without any chance for the people to vote their preference among the candidates other than as a side show.

With this election, the same thing seems to have happened. Whatever your attitudes about Hillary Clinton, the constant barrage of slanted, noisy, hateful coverage particularly on MSNBC topped off with the lie about why Bill Clinton mentioned Jesse Jackson (HINT: he was asked about the role of the black vote in South Carolina in the part of the conversation you don't see in the clip), followed by the Ted Kennedy endorsement with virtually no mention that RFK's children had endorsed Clinton just as JFK's children had gone for Obama. For the senior Kennedy to do this before Super Tuesday was a hideous abuse of political power.

The media that has almost totally sidelined John Edwards has now made their move to try to eliminate Clinton from consideration. Their new darling for change has been nominated, elected, and sworn in with a fake innaugural speech. Once more the population is being herded like sheep in one direction without benefit of real information or chance to express their desires. Given the election eight years ago and the way the election is going this year, one can imagine a day when the voting booth will no longer be necessary.

Just to expand the subject on the real differences between JFK and BHO, here is an excellent editorial in the Washington Monthly


maryt/theteach said...

Renee, Thanks for the info that RFK's kids endorsed Clinton. I will post that on my post About Ted K's endorsement of Obama...

Durward Discussion said...

It's still Jamie. I created a temporary blog for a friend and somehow got her name attached to my blog. Back to being me.

Schmoop said...

I couldn't agree more Jamie. The worst thing is that people are so easily led, and don't graze for themselves. That would require thought. Cheers!!

Linda said...

Oh thank goodness you're still Jamie - I was so confused for awhile there!

The media seems to have taken over the entire election process in this country and I, for one, am sick to death of it. I want to be able to vote my choice and not the choice of CNN or MSNBC thank you very much.

There need to be limits and caps on all sorts of things here from spending to the amount of time campaigning to the amount of coverage and spin on media source can put on one candidate. There seems to be no such things as fair and unbiased reporting anymore, is there?

vanillabirdies said...

It's such a snarky election. On all ends.

It doesn't help that we live with such a "big brother" obsession on anything celebrity.

Every insignifigant human moment is overblown and later treated as a major personal trait.

My "are you kidding me?" moment of today;

Chris Matthews and Joe Scarborough comparing Clinton and Obama to Mozart and Salieri.


Lisa Ryan said...

Thanks for the link to the editorial, I'll check it out.