18 January 2008

For Children A Very Good Year

Busy day so this one will be really short. On this day in 1882, A. A. Milne was born. Thanks to that event, millions of children have spent hours with Christopher Robin and Winnie The Poo strolling through the Hundred Acre Wood. You may be all grown up now, but just for a few minutes, take the time to visit the House at Pooh Corner.

And listen to Christopher Robin saying his prayers.


Schmoop said...

Tigger Rocks. Cheers Jamie!!

Linda said...

I have Eeyore tattooed on my right calf so I guess you'd have to say I am a fan!

Jamie, my yongest, always loved Pooh and still does whereas Amanda couldn't care less about any of them. Now how can you not love Pooh and all of the others in the Hundred Acre Wood?

enigma4ever said...

oh soooo sweet...Love that you have this post up...thank you so much....

Linda said...

Hi again, Jamie! I tagged you for a quick little link-love post that I thought you might want to participate in. I promise it's guick and easy and you can find it by clicking right here!

Travis Cody said...

Yup. I grew up with Poo and Piglet and the gang.

Anonymous said...


How miserable those poems made Christopher Milne's youth!

He couldn't walk down a school hall without hearing mocking voices tell him that Christopher Robin was saying his prayers.

However, he did make a gift of his childhood's authentic Pooh and friends to the New York Public Library's O'Donnell Branch on West 53rd between Fifth and Sixth Avenues.

Pooh (nee Edward Bear), Eeyore, Kanga and Piglet are all there in the (slightly revised) 100 (million dollars an) Acre Wood for your pleasure.

Here's the link


Anonymous said...


Stopping in to say hi and send best wishes, I plan on full time C-listing again very soon...just have two more weeks of basketball at work and then i will have a little more free time. In the meantime, i still enjoy all the good things you have going on over here.

....and Tigger was my favorite! I still bring him up to my eigfht graders when studying the civil war----the wonderful thing about Jefferson Davis is (like Tigger) he's the only one! That ALWAYS Gets em laughing.

Lisa Ryan said...

AA Milne has always and will always be a favorite in our house!