02 January 2008

Twelfth Night Is Almost Here

All of this biblical meanings is headed somewhere and the somewhere is Twelfth Night. A night of love, romance, marriages, dancing, music, costumes, and humor with a little American History thrown in so you don't feel guilty.

Do come in costume with stars in your eyes.

Play on the cymbal, the timbal, the lyre;
Play with appropriate passion. Fashion
Songs of delight and delicious desire
For the night of my nights.

Come where the so well beloved is waiting,
Where the rose and the jasmine mingle
While I tell her the moon is for mating
And 'tis sin to be single!

Let peacocks and monkeys in purple adornings
Show her the way to my bridal chamber,
Then get you gone 'til the morn of my mornings
After the night of my nights!

'Tis the night of my nights!
'Tis the night of my nights!


lisa said...

I'd love to join you for Twelfth Night. With baubles and bangles and stars in my eyes. :-)
Happy New Year Jamie!

Linda said...

Now this just sounds like fun! Why does no one do this anymore?

Jamie said...

There are 12th Night parties held in several locations by recreationists. I believe Williamsburg has one or they style their New Year's celebration after the old 12th Night. I always thought it would be fun.