25 January 2008

News? What News?

It doesn't matter who will get your vote in November. This is a complaint about the media covering the election. Right now they are concentrating on the slap down between Clinton and Obama, but they veer off to McCain, Romney and Giuliani as necessary.

If you missed the spitting and hissing between the candidates, it was probably because you were obsessing over the tragic death of a young actor or wondering if Brittney actually made it into the courtroom.

What you don't hear every 15 minutes is the news.

In all this uproar over the squabble in the playpen, has anyone seen any mention of the bombing in Mosul with the reported 20 dead and over 70 injured? You haven't? We have three 24 hour news stations, you would think they would mention that the death toll is now over 35 and today the chief of police and two other officers were killed as well.

Oh I forgot. That would be news, and you have to go to the BBC to find that sort of thing, but they're a bunch of furriners and probably can't be trusted to talk about the important things.



Matt-Man said...

I said this to someone else this week. The reason that I like the BBC is that they cover the ENTIRE WORLD. They don't, unlike the American media, cover what's important to Americans.

Namely, as you said, Britney, Lindsay, or any other trollup of the week, that rears her (or his) empty, vacuuous head. Cheers!!

Linda said...

News? You mean there is news out there? You mean it isn't all about Britney, Lindsay, Paris, and the gang? Say it isn't so, Joe!

People in this country seem to have somehow gotten their priorities all screwed up and if we don't get back on track soon, this train is going to go crashing through the station and right off the tracks onto its side.

Oh, and when it does, I'm sure the BBC will be there to cover it!

the teach said...

Yup, Jamie, it's the BBC that reports news... but sometimes we get caught up in "stuff" Thanks for reminding me what's important! :)

DirkStar said...

Cool blog, Dude...

Travis said...

News as entertainment is the problem. Preening news anchors are the problem. Shouting the majority opinion as truth for all is the problem.

I remember when I was a kid that op-ed pieces were limited and special. These days, a newscast is one long bit of television with opinions represented as facts.

The news used to be who, what, where, when, how, with a why presented in editorials with rebuttals and alternate points of view. I don't want news as propaganda.